Grammy Award Nominee is working on Jesse Jaxx's New EP?

It is truly an exciting time for Jesse Jaxx who announced earlier that grammy award nominee Beau Vallis is a part of his "Mind Elevation EP". Beau has produced, written, and engineered records that have reached over 5 million sales worldwide, also leading to his first Grammy Nomination on the Pharrell Williams "G.I.R.L" Album for "Album of the Year 2014" and "Best Urban Contemporary Album 2014".

He has also worked with Fabulous, Beyonce and many more.

So how did this come together?

We know by now that Jaxx always finds what he is looking for but this time he found more than that. Jesse found Beau on the internet and quickly connected with him. Beau Vallis was impressed by the EP's songs, and started to work on it to give it his expertise. "He is very easy to communicate with and you can see he really loves what he is doing. It feels good to work with someone who brings this high level of passion into his and my work.", Jesse Jaxx said. He later added "When he was sending me a song for review, conversations  started like this: "That Vibe with Me is a smashhh though bro, Cardi B. on this would be crazy!!!" You can see working together on this project was a lot of fun!"

 Vallis has mixed the majority of the EP's songs for J.J., which gave it a very special touch.
Soon we can hear the first taste of this working relationship  called "Power Moves" which also comes with a visual interpretation according to Jesse Jaxx. An inspirational, powerful song where B.V. had his hands on. 


The Ep also includes the contest winning track with KXNG Crooked "Angel Tears", the slow jam with an old school touch called "Temptation" and "Celebrate" which was released earlier.


The long awaited "Mind Elevation EP" is "his best work to date" and will be released on September 21. on "The International Day of Peace".

You can pre-order the "Mind Elevation EP" now here.